WRITTEN ON June 25th, 2012 BY William Heath AND STORED IN Ideal Goverment - project

Dear Government Idealists, friends & fellow travellers, and members of the global spamming community: this blog has largely achieved its purpose. Its job is done; contributors have moved on to other activities, got proper jobs or evolved in other ways.

It has been great fun, and much of it remains a great read.

Thanks to everyone who read, contributed, commented, hosted, designed etc. Special thanks to Kable, GNM and DXW for corporate help and support of various sorts.

We’ve now closed down the spam-clogged wiki and ancillary sites. They now all point here. The lower traffic William Heath personal blog is here, and the new work on Mydex designed to address personal data dysfunctions in government and elsewhere is here.

As far as government itself is concerned, the best thing is to point to the real live “ideal government” implementation being done by the Government Digital Service. Stay on their case and help keep them honest. But so far I get the distinctly promising impression they’re even better at doing than we were at thinking.

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