WRITTEN ON March 25th, 2009 BY William Heath AND STORED IN Data nitwittery, Foundation of Trust, Official fibbing/bad stats, What do we want?

The database state can be a bit heartless with bereaved parents. This poignant example from the Beeb is far from Ideal:

The parents of a girl who died suddenly have received a school letter demanding she improves her attendance. The letter, dated 16 March, said “students must have at least 92% attendance and Megan’s is currently 60.4%”.

With considerable restraint her Mum commented

“Megan doesn’t go to that school anymore. She’s been dead for two months now so it’s not surprising her attendance is low.” …A spokesman said Capita software SIMS (School Information Management Systems) maintained Megan’s details. “Megan’s name had been taken off the school roll when she died, and removed from the main school database,” the spokeswoman said. “However, unknown to the school, her details had remained in a different part of the computer system…”

One Response to “Database state and bereaved parents”

Guy Herbert wrote on March 31st, 2009 11:08 am :

Ah, but if all the systems everywhere were linked so you could Tell Us Once (R), then all the computers would know she was dead and fail to acknowledge here existence. Even if she wasn’t.