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A rational approach to personal-data logistics in education would not simply rely on centrally held databses. It would also build on the individual’s personal portable education record. Like other services, education needs an online bridge between the individual and the service provider. But to date we’ve only built the organisation’s end of the bridge. The […]

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The closure of ContactPoint and the onset of the Databankendämmerung is – let’s say it again – cause for celebration. It’s also cause for congratulation to those who campaigned long and hard, with negligeable resources, against the brick wall of prevailing wisdom to get rid of it. That’s not to say the underlying problems ContactPoint […]


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Tomorrow 6 Aug sees the shutting down of the ill-advised ContactPoint database. Why was it such a dumb idea? Because you dont need a database of 12m children to focus on the relatively small number of children at real risk. Because you can’t keep the data on a huge database which is accessible to hundreds […]