WRITTEN ON June 2nd, 2009 BY William Heath AND STORED IN Data nitwittery, Design: Co-creation, Foundation of Trust, Identity, Official fibbing/bad stats, Save Time and Money, Transformational Government, What do we want?

Over at Ctrl-Shift Ive tried to sketch out the impact of VRM (buyer-centric commerce, customer-managed relationships, user-driven identity) on public services:

It seems to me the effects of VRM on public services will be of four sorts. It will improve public services. It will cut costs. It will de-tox the “database state”. And it is the perfect basis for co-creation of our public services. Instead of Transformational Government’s plan to pour concrete into the living heart of the state, VRM will allow a transformation that is living, human, and compassionate.

Is that how you see it? Have I missed anything big?

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