WRITTEN ON August 3rd, 2009 BY William Heath AND STORED IN Foundation of Trust, Official fibbing/bad stats, We told you so..., What do we want?

It seems the mechanised state is slanderous (or libellous):

Criminal Records Bureau errors lead to hundreds being branded criminals
More than 1,500 people have been wrongly branded as criminals or mistakenly given a clean record by the government agency set up to vet those workin g with children, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

By Christopher Hope, Whitehall Editor
Published: 9:56PM BST 02 Aug 2009
The number of errors by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) has more than doubled in the past 12 months, despite intense pressure for it to improve its performance..The latest figures show that 1,570 people being checked by the CRB were wrongly given criminal records, mistakenly given a clean record or accused of more serious offences than they had actually committed in the year to March 31…

This is the Kafkaseque (as opposed to Orwellian) manifestation of the database state. I wonder if there’s a balanced scorecard anywhere of whether CRB on balance does a good job (taking into account people who have stopped volunttering to help out because they find the idea and cost of such a check offensive or simply not worth it).

Wibbi restitution procedures were designed in so there were an easy way to correct the inevitable cockups?

Er, perhaps Wibbi I took a balanced view and didn’t let the Telegraph wind me up first thing on a Monday morning….Does anyone actually have direct personal experience of CRB? If so please say what it’s like using the box below…

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