WRITTEN ON November 26th, 2009 BY William Heath AND STORED IN Across the Board, Design: Co-creation, Design: user-oriented, Pertinent Art

Loved every minute I attended of the mypublicservices09 event. After Malmo09 that’s two DIY public-services events in two weeks. They feel natural, creative, fun and important.

It struck me that this time the powerful voices of the enegetic idealists were joined by a good number of public servants. Together we spoke of the same things in the same voice. I’m a great admirer of everything Paul and the PatientOpinion team have achieved already, and I now add to that list two more things. He can articulate very clearly what it takes to make a crowd-sourved/gift-economy project a success (must pimch his slides). And he has created the basis for collaboration between the innovative outsiders and their official counterparts, exemplified by his own very constructive relationship with NHS Choices.

‘Jamin Ellis did a great photostream. Here’s a pic of our session on the web and the NHS.

Meanwhile the home-baked cakes and home grown fruit were very tasty – thanks all!

One Response to “Lovely mypublicservices home-bake event”

Ruth wrote on November 26th, 2009 9:29 pm :

It was fabulous. Energy, purpose, realism, bloodymindedness. In fact, the conversations reflected nicely the mission of C4 as laid out by Tom L at the opening session of the day:
– do things first (innovate)
– inspire change
– make trouble in the public interest

If collaboratively we can manage to do those three things constructively, with a sense of fun, and with gift economy brownies, then I think we’ll not do badly at all.