WRITTEN ON March 18th, 2010 BY William Heath AND STORED IN Ideal government IT strategy

We’ve put the draft Ideal Government IT Strategy up in commentable form. Many thanks to all who have contributed content and comments to date on the blog and on the wiki.

Jerry, David at BCS and I hacked these sections together in a day from that raw content, trying to respect the thrust of all that was there but keeping something concise. We take responsibility for omissions and drafting errors that are still there. But there’s time to fix them.

Thanks to Harry at The Dextrous Web for creating the commentable version.

We’re now open to comments on this version between now and 25 March. First presentation is on 27 March to Jim Knight, DWP Minister responsible for the digital aspects of Smarter Government. We’re very grateful to him for putting time in his dairy at an even-busier-than-normal time.

So take the chance to say what we want from an ideal government IT strategy.

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