WRITTEN ON May 6th, 2010 BY William Heath AND STORED IN Ideal Goverment - project, Ideal government IT strategy, Wibbipedia/MindtheGap

Busy as we all are, @ricallan (who else) observes we might do well to schedule in a quick #idealgits event:

Date TBA in next four weeks (ie before mid June)
Time 1700-2130
Venue ideally BCS or LSE or elsewhere (any offers?)

Aim – to keep new administration listening by offering maximum bright ideas pertinent to their stated policy aims in a very short time

Aud – politicos from both sides and selected enlightened officials. Total 40-60?

Format: UnConference (building on what worked at Intellect), ie
– exposition of what crowdsourced IT strategy approach offers
– #idealgits background
– suggestion for structure based on our work to date
– invitation to any present to “lead” on a particular heading (incl a new one if they want)
– break up into groups
– resume and present back

Does this make sense? Who’s up for it?

If so next step is: secure venue, book date. I think this should be for designers as much as for contempory tech people: “redesigned state” as much as “rewired state”.

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